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The Circumnavigation team want to share this voyage with as many people as possible to create a community that can experience what we experience as we travel around the world chasing the new record.

To this end we are going to cover the 6m x 3m roof of Accomplish More’s wheelhouse with photos of the individuals and companies who would like to join us in this adventure. We will then take you, albeit in a virtual sense, on the voyage with us. This is particularly ideal if you suffer from sea sickness.

As soon as you sign up, you will be added to our virtual wheelhouse roof and our Facebook Faceboat album as well. Over and above having your image whizzed around the world you will also receive:

  1. 1.A monthly ezine with a full update on the boat build, team and events surrounding the voyage

  2. 2.Invitations to all events leading up to the voyage and after the voyage, which will only be available to supporters of the challenge

  3. 3.Exclusive invitations to the launch and homecoming parties

  4. 4.Access to the boat on open days and at boat shows

  5. 5.Discounts on all official challenge merchandise

  6. 6.Live email updates of the voyage as we move around the world

  7. 7.Automatic entry into a competition to win a trip in the boat with the crew after the boat returns

We guarantee a fascinating journey when you join us in the latest marine record to be broken.

Sounds great! What do I need to do?

  1. 1.Take / find a photo of yourself, minimum size 1MB and 300dpi so it prints well on the boat

  2. 2.Decide what size photo you want on the boat. The choices are 3.5 x 4.5 cm (£10), 5 x 5 cm (£20), 10 x 10 cm (£50) or 20 x 20 cm (£100)

  3. 3.Make your payment

  4. i.Online using Paypal. Just click on the Paypal buttons to the right to pay online

  5. ii.Over the phone. Email us at with your telephone number and we will contact you to process credit or debit card details privately over the phone

  6. iii.By cheque. Make the cheque out to ‘Faceboat’ and send it to us at Faceboat c/o Alan Priddy, Express Gearbox Company, Dundas Spur, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5NL

  7. 4.Send us your photo

  8. i.By email. Send your photo to and please include your Paypal email address so we can match your donation to your photo.

  9. ii.By post. Please write your email address on the back of your photo and send it to ‘Faceboat c/o Alan Priddy, Express Gearbox Company, Dundas Spur, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5NL’.

That’s it! We’ll let you know when we’ve added your photo to the album and welcome you (virtually!) on board!

Take part in making marine history...

Check out who’s just joined our Faceboat album here!

Relative sizes of the photos shown in pixels, not cm

20 x 20 cm


10 x 10 cm


5 x 5 cm


3.5 x 4.5 cm